FO: Revontuli (Northern Lights)

A very popular free pattern on Ravelry, this shows off beautifully yarns with very long color repeats, like Zauberball. I have few items in neutral colors so a few years ago I picked up this cream to dark brown lovely. The yardage wasn't quite enough for what the pattern called for, although others have opted for the same yarn choice and had some success. I knew it would be close!

So I cast on with another brown yarn (pure bamboo from Halcyon Yarns) and worked the beginning, knowing the color repeats wouldn't come into play at the start in any case. I put in a lifeline when I decided to switch to the main color. A good decision as it turned out! I didn't have enough yarn to quite fit in all the chart repeats, so I cast off as I got near the end of the supply. I had thought I might edge it in the bamboo as a counterpoint to the starting edge but the brown just did not match and I didn't love the look. So I went back, picked up the lifeline, and took out the starting bamboo portion. I then bound off those live stitches with the very last bit of the Zauberball. No problem that the part work near the neck has a bound off edge instead of the start of the pattern.

Blocking brought out the stitch pattern beautifully. Of course it did! Very pleased with my new neutral accessory.