Podcast discovery: Knitting in Circles

I've been trying really hard on weekends lately to sit down and spend some time working on a pattern that requires a bit of attention - not TV knitting. Gotta keeps those WIPs moving! I find that a knitting podcast is a good companion, call it mood music if you will. 

I recently started watching the Knitting in Circles podcast and am on the lookout for other good current knitting content, so let me know if you have other recommendations! Some of my old standbys have stopped broadcasting (RIP Sticksandstring) and the quality and content can vary so widely. 

Knitting in Circles has a weekly broadcast schedule, which as a podcaster myself (when time permits) is frankly impressive. I don't know how Aimee and Darren keep it up, but they have good WIPs, FOs, and spinning to talk about regularly. 

Coming tomorrow the day after tomorrow - the WIP I brought out of the closet tonight, a new February Lady Sweater in Sundara yarn, so beautiful!