FO: Clementine Shawlette

Well, knitting slowed down for a little while but it has picked back up again and a few things have been finished, a few more started, and a couple of patterns are hopefully going to be written fairly soon.

So today I'd like to show you the Clementine Shawlette in Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Alpaca Prima (100% alpaca fingering weight):


Something a little funny happened with this one - I started it about a year ago and once I got into the 4 row lace repeat it was no trouble at all to set it down, work on a different project, then pick up Clementine when I needed something to just plug away at. I had plenty of yarn (something I can never say for my sweater projects) so I didn't think too much about the length of the thing... until I decided it was getting just about long enough and I should decrease for the final end of it - then checked the pattern and realized I was supposed to knit this in two equal halves. Oops!


So I put the first 85% on hold and cast on from the start of the second "half" - I did try briefly to reverse the shaping on the increase chart to decrease the end of the original half, but with triple decreases and whatnot it wasn't too straightforward so I decided pretty quickly to just cast on for the second piece and then graft them together when it got to the full width. So the seam is most of the way toward one end rather than the centre of the back but never mind!


I have more FOs and WIPs to mention - and the reason I'm back is because I lost my ability to download photos from my camera since July, but recently I was able to borrow someone's set up to download pics from my micro SD so I have a bunch of stuff to post. And I was able to update a bunch of Ravely stuff, which is very satisfying!


  1. super cute and what luscious-looking yarn!

  2. It's very pretty anyway, I think it worked out just fine.

    And welcome back!


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