New pattern: Cloudsoft Cowl

Have a skein or two of laceweight mohair blend yarn that you'd love to use in a simple project, highlighting its fuzzy lightweight wonderfulness?

I just posted a new pattern on Ravelry, the Cloudsoft Cowl, and you can find it there for FREE!

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This simple 2x2 rib extra roomy cowl is a great way to use up an extra skein or two of Rowan Kidsilk Haze or any other fuzzy laceweight yarn.

Designed to use up just about every last inch of your yarn, and to stretch to loop around your neck twice, you can wear it doubled up and cozy under your chin, with one half pulled down so it drapes decoratively while the upper half is snug under your neck, or draped around your shoulders like a lightweight shoulder wrap that won’t fall off. Quick to knit, this is a lovely cloudweight treat to wear, and will keep you cozy through the chilly weather!


So this is me, dipping my toe back into the designing waters. I have bigger projects in mind, but when I wanted some simple TV knitting this winter and thought of my pretty little single skein of Alchemy Haiku in foxglove just hanging out in my stash for, oh, probably the last five years, I poked around on Ravelry for a suitable ribbed cowl. And I didn't find anything that worked for me, so I kept a few notes and worked up a simple in-the-round piece that used up all my yarn, and is wearable in a few different ways. It's cozy, lightweight, and took very little time to work up. Happy knitting!


  1. yay! how sweet! i'll have to dig up some fuzzy laceweight. also? i love your glasses.


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