Crafty on Twitter / WIP: grey clementine shawlette

Last week I started following some additional crafty accounts on Twitter and realized it'll really work better if I keep that stuff separate. So you can now find me on Twitter as @malaraky :). Accounts like Etsy just have too much action for me to keep track of that on my regular account.

I'm just uploading some pictures of WIPs now - there has been a bit more knitting in the new year than toward the end of 2010, so there's more content coming soon! The Cloudsoft Cowl has been well received on Ravelry - thanks! - and I have plans for more designing this year, which is very exciting. Just ordered yarn for a new design I dreamed up in the summer, and will be re-knitting it in different colors and a different yarn, so that is exciting! It may be awhile before it's available, but maybe if I mention it here I will be more inspired to work on it!

Here's the current state of my Clementine Shawlette:


It'll need a good blocking to pull the lace out but it's coming along well and I have the pattern memorized now - just four repeating rows now that the increases are done. I have four skeins of the alpaca, and am about 2/3 finished with the first one. The plan is to knit until they're gone, since the piece is knit from end to middle, twice, then the two pieces are grafted at the middle. Two skeins for each half. Lovely. Happy knitting!


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