Oh hai.

So this is something new:

The first month I've sold enough patterns to merit a little payment due back to Ravelry. I paid them $1.40 with pleasure - they've certainly earned it. It's a little odd that November 2010 has been my biggest month yet, despite the fact that I haven't written up a new pattern in over two years. Might even be three. All proceeds went to Movember, and then some, so maybe that encouraged some to buy the Subtle Stripe, I don't know.

But yay!

Lately I have pretty much been working on gifts that I don't dare post pics of or talk about. So sorry for the lack of knitting content but that is just how it is. I have at least a couple of projects for me planned for the winter months and especially the week between Christmas and New Years when I will have the whole week off (I cannot WAIT!), and those I can post pics of and tell you about.

On the subject of NaknitMo, I basically completed the 30K goal but haven't updated in the last couple of days on Ravelry. I was up to 28K something, and have done a bit more knitting, just about enough, I think, but I have more than full time work right now and it can be hard to fit in enough knitting time! My resolution for the new year will be to change that.

Meanwhile, happy knitting!


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