FO: Grey one row scarf

Really pleased with how this came out.


Couldn't blog about it just in case it was discovered and the surprise ruined...


The yarn is a very subtly shifting grey, Zitron Unisono sock yarn with aloe and jojoba in it (2 skeins, knit on size 4 needles). The recipient is naturally skeptical about wool - because he hasn't been exposed to enough soft beautiful fine wools. I am working on that.


It's about twice as long as I am tall, which looked a bit silly on me, but much more proportional on someone who is 6'2. Also I knew I could easily shorten it if necessary, so might as well knit until the yarn was all gone. This pattern, the One Row Scarf from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, is fantastic, just interesting enough to keep you going but just one row repeated over and over until you run out of yarn or get tired of it. The resulting texture is lovely, stretchy and interesting but not too busy for a subtly semi-solid yarn.


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