unillustrated update

In brief... my knitting time seems to have completely evaporated. It's fall weather, today I am sporting my original Clapotis (from 2005, before this blog began) and I had a thought that it might be nice to cast on for another after taking several years off after knitting four of them. I have still been accumulating some lovely yarns, and simple projects are most definitely the order of the ... times.

Mythos (the pink cardigan in my last post) is seamed and the pieces grafted and I just need to do the edging - which will involve shortening the sleeves since I ran out of yarn, and I don't have any pictures. But it's lovely and I am thinking about knitting another one with more yarn perhaps in a bigger size or with a slightly bulkier yarn because honestly the knitting for this was done in about ten days, it's just the finishing that is holding things up - because I am run off my feet with other things. Anyway!

How is your fall knitting going? Sorry for the quietness around here!


  1. I'm exciting about fall knitting and have started attending my knitting group again! Another clapotis is a great idea...I need to make one that goes with everything, in grey or white. One week until I'm in Rhinebeck!


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