WIP: Tilted Duster

It's a bit chilly in Halifax at the moment, and the time is good for working on my Tilted Duster, which has been languishing.


I really like how this is coming out, and think it just might be my go-to cozy sweater this fall and winter. I'm working on the skirt, which is coming along very quickly, since it's 4.5 stitches to the inch and simple increases along the sides, along this triangle of stockinette which is developing by each hip.


I've just been poking around online looking for advice on how to work the sleeves from the top down. I'd really like to have control over how long the sleeves are, and I usually find that when I work them from the cuff up, even if I do some math to get the sleeve cap right, the length can sometimes end up being off.

I think it'll work with some short rows, and I found a useful video explaining the technique, plus various blog posts, of course. I have a smaller cone of this yarn and am thinking of trying out the top down sleeve even as I continue knitting the skirt. The skirt is really good TV knitting, while the short row sleeve cap is going to take more attention.

As for TV watching, I'm halfway through the second season of the Tudors. Poor Sir Thomas More. Ouch.