FO: Damson

I'm back! Sorry about the hiatus, I've been in a French immersion program for five weeks. There wasn't as much time for knitting as I would have liked but I did manage to finish Damson pretty quickly and wear it out a few times, even to a fancy dress river cruise.


The yarn is Estelle Cadenza, lovely and drapey with the silk in it. I used about 1.2 skeins, so I have a bit left over for something else... maybe another Lace Ribbon scarf?

And, hoping that if I had a simple project to work on I'd be able to watch French movies and still keep my hands moving, I picked up a pretty skein of alpaca at a local yarn shop (yeah, souvenir yarn!) and cast on for another Damson. I messed up the stitch count but decided it just doesn't matter enough to go back. Funny, because the first one turned out perfectly with zero effort on my part.


The colors are much more fall-like. I'm ok with that. It's another Estelle yarn, I only realized when I went to start the project in Ravelry. This time it's Arequipa, a wool-alpaca-nylon blend that is fuzzier than the Cadenza.


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