WIP: Petrie

I'm about halfway finished with the main body of Petrie.


I'm using Elann Nilo in Bronzed Olive and knitting this on size 4 needles. I started with the 40 inch size, and am knitting it in one piece instead of front and back. After about five inches I decreased to get down to the 36 inch size and am continuing on from there. I kept a purl st at each side for a faux seam, and did double decreases on each side of that purl st, every other row, five times to decrease the requisite 20 stitches.


I'd like this to be a long enough piece, so I'm glad I have plenty of the yarn. The fabric is coming out really well. Also, it's going to match two skirts I have a hard time matching tops to, with big floral prints, so I'm excited and motivated! Plus it's perfect end-of-term simple knitting. Tomorrow's the last day of classes!