Froggy weekend

I have a few projects that have been sitting in the bottom of my knitting bag for, um, years. There are many reasons a project may languish, I know you're familiar with at least a few of them.


Here we have a completed Shapely Tank in Mission Falls cotton, a half finished Branching Out in Misti Alpaca laceweight, and a half finished KnitPicks Risata sock yarn beanie I was designing a couple of years ago. It turned out a bit big and I didn't finish it, though I did knit a completely different one and give it to my brother.

I was never going to wear that Shapely Tank. But I do like the yarn.


And I was bored to tears by the Branching Out. I started it almost three years ago, and it was coming out fine but I've done so much lace since then, and I was never going to finish this.


The laceweight didn't like being ripped so I did the best I could. And the hat was sort of a prototype, so that needed to be ripped out as well. I feel good about frogging these!


  1. no, kidding, impressive for sure!! I might be motivated to do that if I ever run out of stash and am stranded miles away from a LYS and with no internet access!!


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