Coffee with a Twist

Good Friday morning with my coffee and the new Twist Collective, what could be better?

Oh, I know. If only I could settle down and knit all day instead of having to construct an XML database project over the weekend, the last big final project I have of my MLIS degree - yikes!

Back to TC for a moment, I love Anney, a sweet little tee (this model is inspiring me to get myself back into the gym routine, maybe I should leave through TC every day...), Poplar & Elm, a super cute wrap lacy sweater that would probably work better on most body types, and Timpani, the military/marching band style jacket that looks so structured and substantial. Not sure why it lacks closures, though, or at least I can't see any.

I also really like Goose Rocks. I never got on the Rogue bandwagon, and I was reminded of Rogue, perhaps because of the cabled hood, but now I realize that Rogue is a pullover, while GR is a cardigan, which makes it even better. One of these days I'll have the income and time (am I dreaming?) to knit these lovely things. One day. Which patterns do you like from the latest lovely TC?


  1. I think I'd put a zipper in Timpani (because clearly I need more knitted jacket plans - what I need is more completed knitted jackets to wear right now...)

    I think the first one I'll cast on is Celadine, I really love the neckline on that one! (right after I finish two designs - so that'll be June if I'm lucky) But Anney is a close second and I'll probably buy both. Oddly they send the designers payments around the same time they release issues. I wonder how many besides me turn around and send the money straight back to them?

  2. I think it's fabulous that you put some money back into TC - that helps keep the whole thing going and is an excellent trade, I think! I really hope I can find some time for designing more in the next year. TC is so inspirational!

  3. i'm with you on timpani, lara! next knit-along?

    i also love love love celadine.


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