WIP: Spiral Scarf

A couple of weeks ago I was having a bit of a brain meltdown following a particularly bad computer class, and I just couldn't focus on any of my academic commitments.

Subliminalrabbit gave me a delicious skein of Dream in Color Smooshy over the holidays, and I've been keeping its beauty in the back of my mind as I've been scheming what to make with it. I might have had to borrow CK's ball winder while I was home and wind it up right away even though I didn't know when I would cast on for anything. It's just so pretty.


Deep tropical-ly blues with hints of purple, it's awesome. In need of some new crafty trickiness and beautiful yarn in my hands to focus on, to take my brain off of XML issues, I pulled out Norah Gaughn's Knitting Nature and flipped through. I decided to try the Spiral Scarf. It's designed to be knit with two strands of laceweight. Using an appropriate dpn size (2s) I figured it was worth a try with fingering weight.


Just finished the first hexagon. Decided to block it as it was curving like a shallow dish, and I wanted to see how the points turned out, as I'd like this to look fairly geometric.


I think we have a winner. This hexagon stretched out easily when blocked, of course, so it's bigger now than when I started - 6 inches across exactly. I had thought it would be better to start with a smaller hexagon and then keep making them larger till I run out of yarn or like the length of the whole thing (you attach hexagons as you go. However, it's written that you knit the largest one first, then attach incrementally smaller ones) and this should work fine, especially since this first one turned out larger than I expected. And I can always attach larger ones later if I want.


  1. ooooh, yarn in action!

    i don't know how you keep so many WIPs going at the same time. i always end up obsessed with one knit and all the rest end up in a bag. ><


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