FO: Z. blanket

Hooray! Yesterday I got a nice email saying that a baby blanket I knit for a friend living in the Netherlands arrived safely. Little Z also arrived safely in January, so my gift was a little late...but I've done worse. My friend loves it. I didn't blog about it before, just in case! I'm not sure if N. reads this.


When I was home over the holidays I decided I needed to get started with something to send over. I wanted it to be textured, and brightly colored. I had a random amount of KP Shine Sport hanging out in a bin and thought I'd see if it would work. Four or five skeins, divided up into balls.

I wasn't really sure how big I'd be able to make the blanket, and swatched a little, double stranded on 6's, and then guessed at the number of sts to cast on. I used a modified basketweave stitch pattern.


The turquoise didn't take me far enough in terms of length considering how wide the piece was, so I added in the River blue I also had, same yarn.


It looks kind of random, and is way more of a rectangle than a square, but I ended up thinking of it as a good piece to cover Z. in a baby stroller, longer than wide, and brightly colored for the most part.

I am very happy with how the texture turned out, and can picture little baby hands gripping the thick fabric happily.



The entire thing ended up at about 20 inches x 30 inches I think. So not huge, but that's ok.


And it is weighty, with all that cotton, so I think it'll make a good spring covering for Z. And little girls should have some blue in their life to balance out all the pink!