WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan - a snag

Rosamund's Cardigan is still coming along well and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I discovered once again the dangers of knitting on auto pilot in the dark while watching a Buffy marathon when I picked it up during daylight early last week however, and tried it on - only to look down at my chest and discover this:


Need a close up?


Four purl stitches on the stockinette side of the fabric. About three inches of knitting done since that weird blip on my knitting radar.

What's a girl to do? Get the crochet hook out. The purls were like centered in the middle of my chest, they could not stay there.


Sorry about the poor lighting, by the time I had the chance to sit down and start fixing, it was nearly dark out again.

I'm so glad I'm confident enough to drop a stitch down, change the purl to a knit, and pick the laddered stitches back up.

All's well that ends well.


(ha, ha, if you're really attentive you can actually see that this picture was taken before I fixed those purl sts. Newer WIP photos tomorrow.)

ETA (1:30 pm AST): I just saw this fresh post from Lolly Knitting Around - my little bit of emerg surgery is *nothing* compared to what she is contending with! There is colorwork involved, and inches of ribbing that should be stockinette. Respect.


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