WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan pt 3

I didn't start the waist shaping two inches after the underarm join, which is what the pattern says to do.


I've just been carrying on. I tried it on again after doing about five inches of the body after the underarm join, and it's now about at my natural waist (I have a short torso) but because of the sturdiness of the wool I think I am going to skip the shaping altogether. This piece is going to be more like a jacket than a cardigan, unless I douse it in conditioner, probably, so I think I'll be wearing enough layers underneath that the shaping wouldn't really work out.

Plus this means I can keep knitting in the dark or during the super bowl, without worrying about shaping anything. A handy bonus.


I've just started in on the third skein of the four that I have. The pattern only calls for about five rows of ribbing on the sleeves at this point, which hopefully means I'll have plenty of yarn to make the body a nice length. I tend to knit things a little too short, so I'm trying to be aware of that. Also, I plan to stretch this a little horizontally when I block it, so a bit of extra length will be necessary.

This has been a great knit so far, and the yarn is starting to give me less trouble as my fingers toughen up a little bit. And the cables are so lovely!


  1. okay, now i'm dying to know the true color of this yarn!


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