WIP: Leyburn socks

I know, I've been doing so well with the finishing and whatnot, but a girl has to have a small portable project on the go. I've been admiring everyone's lovely finished Leyburn socks on Ravelry, and I just love the concept of toe-ups because you get to use all of a special yarn.


The yarn is Fleece Artist BFL in red/burgundy tones and it's coming along well on 00s. The needles are so small that doing more than a few rows at a time starts to cramp my hands but that's ok, that's what this project is for, doing a few rounds at a time. I'm still getting used to reading the number of rows I've done and where I am on the pattern rows, but it's pretty straightforward and so pretty. I need to find a pair of mary jane style shoes for spring to wear with hand knit socks, now that I'm trying to use some of my pretty sock yarns for socks!