Olympic aspirations

I'm not formally doing the Ravelympics or whatever we're calling it now these days. Too many WIPs to start something new, and too much uncertainty in my daily life to commit to anything in particular.

That said, I am going to attempt to use the lovely energy that is flowing around the knitting blogosphere and Rav at the moment to inspire myself to clean up my list of WIPs. Finishing Citron last night does't count for much, as it wasn't a hard knit and I knew there'd be almost zero finishing, so I wasn't dragging my feet on that one at all.

I have two sweaters however that have been languishing in finishing limbo for far too long. I finally finished up the sleeve caps on the Drops Cardigan, and just need to set in the sleeves and weave in the ends and I will have a whole new cardigan to wear. That is so doable, I just need good light and to focus a bit. I also have the Tilia pullover which has been waiting for ages for me to finish up the neckline and sew the whole thing together, another case of just needing the time and space and light to concentrate for an hour or so, and add another lightweight pullover to my wardrobe. I can do it!

Most of my knitting time really comes when I have a class full of presentations to listen to, and am not expected to participate quite as much, or when I'm sitting down for some TV watching with friends and want to keep my hands busy. That's why I don't do the finishing, because those are scenarios when it's not possible to get something fiddly done.

The sun is out. I'm going to try to get some serious work done on a short paper due Monday, and then set in some cardigan sleeves. Go Olympians!


  1. ahhh, finishing! i just spent an hour doing that too - rosamund just needs a good blocking and the perfect buttons!


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