FO: Tilia

Holy monkeys this thing took me a long time to finish.


I cast on on my way to Portland in the summer of 2008 (July). Wow. Borrowed needles from my lovely hostess and have held them hostage ever since. I am sorry, CC!

I'm not really thrilled with how the neckline turned out; I added a few rows since I could see it was going to be extra boat-necky and stretchy, and that part turned out ok but the purl line where the neck-hem folds looks sloppy.


It's a wear-your-hair-down sort of upper body.

The lacy part is fabulous though. And I had been afraid the sleeves were going to turn out to be wrist-length, but after dealing with all the shoulder and neckline finishing, they're above the wrist, which is good.


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