FO: Citron

I am so pleased with Citron. Just bound off the last edge last night - that took quite awhile, but finishing didn't. Just a couple of ends to weave in, what's not to love? A nice easy knit but such a nice drape and of course the malabrigo lace was a pleasure to work with. I'm interested to see how this piece holds up.


I like that it wraps easily around the shoulders, bunched up as a scarf. or even turned around like a bib to cover the chest and with the ends coming around to the front again - this could be really handy on a chilly windy winter day when you need extra warmth on the chest and neck.

All in all, this is a great pattern to use one nice skein of malabrigo lace, which is a very affordable luxury. I added a few extra rows onto the last ruffle as I figured I had enough yarn. I just have 20 yards or so left over after doing that.


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