WIPs: Citron / Bridgewater

I finally got started on my Citron on the train ride back to Halifax - I just couldn't bear getting all the way back to the city without even starting the project I'd brought yarn for - even though the holidays were very full of knitting...


It has grown a bit since, though I'm also using those needle tips (size 6) for a baby gift for a little someone who has recently arrived - earlier than I was expecting!! I'm designing something for her, stay tuned for that.

I also worked on Bridgewater a ton on the train. It seems impossible to appreciate just how much there is to this shawl so far - I'm about halfway through the 5 charted lace repeats - but believe me, it's going to be enormous. And amazing when blocked. Though for now it just looks like a big soft lump...



  1. For some reason I really love watching you knit the green one. Not in a creepy way.

  2. I wonder why that is? It has grown quite a lot... might be half done now. I might have to do another one after, it's such a good simple project to have in my bag for whenever I have a little time.


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