WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan pt 2

I've finally reached the point where I can put the sleeve stitches on holders/spare yarn, and work on the body.


I knit onto a second cable earlier so I could stretch out the knitting and sort of try this on, make sure it'll be approximately the right size...


I'm liking how this looks very much. Unfortunately I think the wool is stressing my needles out - I'm knitting so tightly and the wool is a bit rough and slightly sticky so it is hard to shove all the stitches around the cable, and I wouldn't be surprised if this cable is done in after this project. Or possibly in the middle. That's why whenever I order from KP I tend to throw a few spare cables in my basket, they're inexpensive and I wouldn't want to be stuck without the right length in the future.

Subliminalrabbit's Rosamund's Cardigan is really coming together and looking amazing, she's miles ahead of me! If you're not familiar with the pattern you might notice that mine looks different because I'm considering the right side to be the stockinette stitch side, whereas it's written to have the reverse stockinette side (all those purl sts) as the right side. The cable is reversible anyway, so I might be able to try wearing it both ways and see what I really like best in the end.

I wish today could involve tons of knitting but other than getting ready to split this cardigan to work the body and leave the sleeve portions be for now, I have two two hour reference shifts this afternoon and a broomball game tonight. Plus readings for classes and I really need to start thinking about some upcoming assignments. Happy knitting!


  1. have i told you how much i love the color? i love the color SO much! fingers crossed that your cable doesn't pop out mid-row, leaving you with hanging stitches... this is why the addi turbos are so worthwhile to me. that, and the fact that wool still slides right along!

    i've only knit like three rows this weekend. vacuum disasters, ugh. but next weekend, i'm planning to spend saturday at the post office getting my passport renewed in the hopes that i can come see you soon!

  2. needle cable aside, your reversible cables look awesome.


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