Snowshoe Alpacas!

As I mentioned in passing in the last post, soon after I got back to Vermont there was a wonderful visit to a local alpaca farm organized by my fab friend subliminalrabbit.


Big eyes, gentle manners (though they do keep an eye on you just to be sure), soft coats, and a healthy bit of curiosity, we really enjoyed visiting with the herd of 58 at Snowshow Alpaca Farm.


Don't you have a pretty face!


Kisses for one of the owners:


Oh! More kisses!


The lone suri alpaca in the herd:


And since there's just no excuse for not getting a bit of the good stuff while on site (when will I ever go back!?), there was some stash enhancement.

Laceweight from the alpacas on the farm, 500 yards in a natural oatmeal color:


And I couldn't resist this 80/20 alpaca/angora blend, though it comes from Ibiwisi alpacas in Putney Vermont, a completely different operation:



Mmmm, so soft and lovely! No idea what these will grow up to be but life is too short to not buy pretty, unique skeins when they come my way, especially when they're rather one of a kind - and produced in Vermont!


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