Knitting podcast roundup

I like to listen to knitting podcasts while I'm being crafty. Once in while I go through my podcasts and get rid of a few things that I'm just not enjoying as much as I used to, or podcasts that have disappeared and are no longer being produced.

When a knitting friend and I were discussing podcasts before the holidays and I offered to share a few favorites, I realized that it had been some time since I poked around to see if there were any new crafty podcasts I might like to listen to. I've been auditioning a few in the last few days, since I'm pretty caught up on Cast On, Sticks and String, and Fiber Beat.

New feeds in my podcast library include Knit Misadventures, Knitpod, Knitty Nora's Knitting Natter, and Never Not Knitting. I've listened to the latter three so far, and like Knitty Nora the best, I think. She has a lovely English accent and keeps up a good pace, with a nice mix of knitting chatter. I just finished listening to the first episode of Never Not Knitting, and although I'm not sure I'll stick with Alana because of the content not lining up with what I do so much, as well as the length of the episodes, she has a good way of making the audio more interesting by adding little sound bytes.

If you have any excellent podcasts to share, please do. I miss YKnit a lot, but luckily WonderMike is back with Fiber Beat, which is also pretty good so far. It's amazing what a difference some editing abilities and additional sound clips can make for audio interest.


  1. oh, timely! i was just thinking... i'm down to only cast on at this point - i've unsubscribed from all the other knit podcasts i used to listen to for one reason or another. i look forward to hearing about anything awesome you discover and am going to subscribe to fiber beat this weekend!


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