knitting graffiti

I just got a few great photos from a couple of lovely friends who visited from Ottawa in December. While they were here they were surprised to be part of this:

Halifax 035

The first bit of knitted/crocheted graffiti I've ever helped out with.

Now, this wasn't really a guerrilla effort - the pieces were collected from a few local fiber artists to dress up a telephone pole outside the December Halifax crafters market. The effort was spearheaded by Hello Pineapples. On the day, the three of us showed up to help assemble and see what it would all look like, then when HP was too busy to come with, we set it up ourselves.

AP help pieces in places while I whip-crocheted them together (meaning I was crocheting as fast as I could, and not very tidily, but that's ok!) and JH documented the scene.

Halifax 049

Since then, I've had reports from several friends in several cities that they've spotted some similar works of art!

ETA: I forgot to mention I had knit a couple of things to contribute to this effort, thanks to the donation of some fab pine green acrylic from RP - I didn't want to use any of my stash for this project because it's all ear-marked (more or less) for actual projects! The triangle at the top, and the green strip that crosses over stuff on a diagonal are pieces I knit up while in classes last November.


  1. I saw some knitted graffiti in Philly for the first time two weeks ago! I guess our urban furniture is looking cold this time of year.


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