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It's very nearly the end of January. If you've been on Ravelry over the last couple of weeks at all you may have noticed that a lot of the designers on there have pledged some of their earnings as donations to various causes that will help in Haiti - and in other places the desperately need help all the time. I have only one pattern for sale (for now, at least), but dedicating the sales from that pattern made me happy. Thank you to the people who've purchased my pattern in the last couple of weeks - I've already sent all of my earnings from January to Doctors without Borders, and added a little bit of my own. It's not a lot, but it's part of being a member of our wonderful community. Every little bit helps.

And I also was pleased to order patterns from other designers who were doing the same thing - I purchased Whimsical Little Knits 2 from Ysolda today, and the adorable French Press felted Slipper pattern that has made the rounds over the last six weeks or so. Wonderful patterns from good designers, and for a good cause.

The weather is going to be bitter this week and I am wishing I had already knit up Ysolda's Peaks Island Hood. I would get some good use out of it.


  1. awesome, girl!

    i love that peaks island hood too. let me know if you're going to knit it any time soon and maybe i'll get the pattern too! i think it's in my queue...

  2. Good on ya, lady. I too went on a bit of a pattern binge this week, buying items that I've been holding off on for whatever reason. I'm looking forwards to a winter and spring's worth of knitting, now!


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