end of the year knitting

I managed to get one of the lace repeats on the big shawl done on the lovely long train ride. I haven't yet broken into the Malabrigo I mentioned on my last post! There has been some other knitting going on, including some that I'm not ready to talk about yet, and some that didn't go how I would have liked... I started knitting a rich plummy pink baby thing and the yarn was just all wrong and I don't have access to most of my stash here at home so I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything better. I was wrong, though, I had some good yarn just waiting to get back into action, and it's going to be excellent. No pictures yet though, and I'm designing something so my plan is to write it up and make it available somehow.

It seems like I'm so used to running around like a headless chicken that I can't sit by the fire for more than 15 minutes without feeling the need to get up and do something else. I'm working on it. In good news, the visit home has involved the gifting of a large super secret project that is frankly awesome and was well received by the lovely friends who had to be patient while the last little bits were sewn in and even gamely closed their eyes and reached their hands out to feel the fabric before seeing the completely piece (which I worked on in partnership with another fabulous knitter, more on that in the new year...). There was also a visit to a Vermont alpaca farm with a staggering 58 alpacas, the purchase of some related yarn (but of course!), and even my secret santa gave me yarn! Here was my second clue in the recent SS deal:


Another lovely piece of impressive art with many many small letters cut out and pasted on. My SS is not a knitter, but had seen me knitting and asked a few very subtle questions about the needles etc - I had no idea what she was up to. Clever person, she went down to the yarn store closest to campus and asked for help and they hooked her up with a very colorful skein of Misti Alpaca sock yarn that is a beautiful blend of alpaca, merino, silk and nylon. What with the crazy not-having-packed and late-night-party before leaving town, I didn't photograph it before leaving and also haven't yet sorted out downloading photos onto my parent's laptop while I'm home. I also had my knitting projects for my two week trip picked out and didn't want to confuse myself by bringing that skein with me.

It's cold away from the fire so I think I'll put the kettle on and get back to that baby thingie. And hopefully download some pictures later on to show you a bit more of what's been going on, knitting-wise.

Just one more piece of colorful pretty for you:


One of my residents does some very cool collage-painting stuff and she gave this to me at the floor's own Secret Santa gathering before all the girls left for home for the holidays. It's really neat and I haven't yet figured out how I am going to display it.