WIP: Bridgewater Shawl

I've been getting a lot done on the Bridgewater shawl, especially with class time knitting. In fact, this shawl is the reason my NaKnitMo count is flying; I may have lowballed my capabilities for the month and am considering revising my goal upward.


Earlier this week I reached the widest point of the inner garter square, 205 stitches. Just before I got to the widest point, my first skein ran out, but it was close.


It's kind of hard to get a sense of what this is going to be like; for right now it's just a massive pile of garter stitch. Luckily I have an imagination that includes fabric once blocked, while my classmates who've seen me chugging away at these stitches don't really understand how it will become beautiful in a more defined way.

That's alright.


  1. i have faith that it will be beautiful and warm and snuggly!

  2. You made it to 205! I remember when it was just 2 stitches...


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