Revisiting an old FO: My original Clapotis

Clapotis was one of the first projects where I purposely chose a luxury yarn, and knit up every scrap of it, inspired by one of the women in my knitting group at the time, which was the first one I have ever visited frequently. I miss it there, it was supportive and friendly and relaxed and welcoming.

One of the women was knitting Clapotis in Koigu KPPPM, and I loved the way the mottled sock yarn knit up. Just before I left the San Francisco area to move to Japan to teach English for a year (mid 2005), I treated myself to three skeins of Koigu; I think I needed a traveling project. That may well have been my most extravagant yarn purchase to date. (Oh, how the times have changed.) When I finished the knitting I had moved half a world away.

And I never blocked the thing. Four years later and I never blocked it. I like the pattern so much that I've knit three of them since and I'd knit one again. It's a great, simple, entertaining pattern that works with pretty much any yarn.


Over the weekend I was procrastinating over an assignment, wandering around my room and picking things up and putting them away, tidying, when I saw my original clap over the back of a chair. I wear it all the time. I had just had a conversation with a knitting friend where he remarked that it wasn't very big.

It blocked out a treat. It still looks wonderful in terms of wear, matches everything, and was a great investment for three skeins of Koigu. A quick soak, a quick block over the back of the couch on a brightly colored towel, and I got a compliment yesterday from a total nonknitter, and then a second. It looks really nice all blocked out. I'm quite pleased.


I have to try to do this random blocking business a bit more often.


  1. i love your clapotis - i think you picked the perfect yarn. ah, memories.

    speaking of wonderful yarn, i just knit up the linsmore you gifted me! it's beautiful... you'll see it in vermont! thank you thank you thank you.


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