New Twist C

The winter ed of the Twist Collective is up, stunning as always!

A huge congrats goes out to a friend in Vermont, LadySaphira who designed a gorgeous sweater, Cambridge Cables, that made the cover of the issue!!

I am loving Tanit's Jacket, and there's a neat article about what happens when you substitute yarns for this pattern, as well. I like the kettle-dyed option.

Bright Star is also super cute (do we see a cropped jackets theme here? I love them!)

The photography is gorgeous, and there's a really nice variety of winter accessories in there as well. One of these days I'll learn double-knitting.

Ok, back to work!! And hopefully some knitting during study breaks - if I can make it to my month-long goal of 30,000 sts today I'll up the goal to at least 50,000, seeing as today is the midpoint of the month and I'm nearly to my original goal. Yeah, Sunday knitting!