NaKnitMo / Treat bags

This should be interesting - I've just signed up for NaKnitMo (National Knitting Month) after reading Knit Nutt's post about how excited she is for it...

30,000 stitches in the month of November? That's 1000 per day. Not really a problem when you look at some of the projects I have on the go that just motor along in simple stitches and add up fast (nothing bulky on the needles at the moment) but when you factor in full time academics and 1, 2, 3, part time jobs, plus all the other activities... it may become a true challenge! Even if it just helps me pick up the needles every day for a few minutes it'll be worth it. I signed up on Ravelry here. Someone will keep track of the sts knit by the group as a whole and come up with a monthly total.


In other crafty-ish weekend goings-on... I thought I'd have time to blog this yesterday but it did not happen so just in case you have not had enough Halloween...

I put together treat bags for the 26 girls who live on my floor. I picked up huge boxes of candy a few weeks ago, then left it to the last minute to figure out how to distribute it. I was picturing small orange gift bags with black ribbon or something like that, one for each doorknob down the hall. Of course when I went to the dollar store Friday afternoon after a very hectic week, there was nothing of the sort. I totally lucked out and found these awesome children's birthday party goodie bags, though, with a skull and bones topped by a pirate hat...


Perfect! And they had lots in stock, so I got 40 in the end, and did them up for my 26 students and then the residence staff. First they had to be filled up with candy...



And then I cut up some random orange cardstock I had, punched a hole in them somewhere, and wrote Happy Halloween on them.


Tied the tag on with black ribbon, curled it, and set them all in a box, ready for sneaky morning distribution. It took a bit chunk out of my Friday night to get that all ready to go, even with a bit of help from a friend downstairs putting candy into each bag before I dressed them up a bit more. I woke up Saturday, threw on sweats and ran around the floor and the campus putting them out - and as far as I know, no one saw me! So I was happy with that, because I wanted the whole hallway to have the bags on handles before people started their days. I had a bunch of nice thank yous on my white board later in the day. Fun times.



  1. aww, i love this! and those bags you found are AWESOME!

    we didn't get as many trick r treaters as our neighbor led us to believe... so we have an awful lot of candy left. bags and bags. leaving early to go to the vet emergency room probably didn't help. anyway - anyone in LA need some candy? ;)

  2. I loved getting my treat bag.

    Thank you again!


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