FO: Quincy

Wow! It has been so long I think I forgot what it is like to finish something! This hat, in its wonderful simplicity, was a very satisfying and quick knit. I worked on it a bit in class, a bit at home, and then put in the final crunch of grafting the rectangle ends together, picking up stitches around the built in i-cord, and decreasing the crown for a really pretty, classy hat. Big fan.


And I've been getting nonstop compliments from knitters and non-knitters alike. It did come out a smidge short over the ears so I plan to wet block it out so that it'll come down a little lower.


Here's the crown and tidy decreases:


It's so satisfying when you can finish the top of a hat in one half of a lecture and then break out a different knitting project. If only it were possible to set in sleeves and pick up stitches for a neckline during class - I couldn't possibly focus on anything other than the project so that idea is out!


  1. It's really great! I'm totally making one now.

  2. I love that hat, it look great on you! Sara loves those earrings!

  3. I think the decreases are my favorite part of this hat, and this is the first I've seen of them!


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