WIPs: Quimper & Bridgewater

Yeah! Last weekend I was in Philly and got lots of knitting done, it was so nice! Quimper is coming right along, black yarn is hard to photograph but I'm pretty pleased with it...



Hooray for raglan shaping, it's so lovely and simple. The pic above is looking at the widening shoulder. It is nice to watch this grow.

And I started Bridgewater, from Jared Flood's Made in Brooklyn collection and using KnitPicks Shimmer in sherry on size 4 needles. I started this shawl, which has a really interesting construction and starts from a single stitch, in the Logan airport. It's going to be massive. The rows are getting very long and I'm nowhere near big enough. You increase one st at the start of every row until you have a couple of hundred stitches. The centre of the shawl is a bit square of garter stitch. It's the perfect knitting-in-company project - for now!


I have some crafty Philly pics from a fun industrial lace exhibit we went to - but my Flickr account expired and I've uploaded too much already this month so I have to find a credit card and pay to have access to all my photos again! Have a lovely evening...


  1. yay for WIPs! i can't wait to see quimper in all its glory!


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