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Walking to work this morning I saw a girl with a lovely jacket - warm chocolate brown with narrow cream stripes running through it in both directions like a very widely striped tartan. When I passed her I realized there was a subtle burgundy stripe echoing the cream. I just had a quick look in Ravelry to see if I could find something similar and mark it to come back to later, but nothing so far. Does this sound like anything you've seen? I found Laura's Cardigan (Rav link), which I was reminded of, but the pattern is too busy and the stripes are not really what I was thinking of. [side note - this sounds like a new idea for Ravelry: we have reader's advisory in libraries, why not pattern advisory in Ravelry? If a pattern reminds you of another pattern, people could suggest similar patterns, so that if you're looking for something particular, and you find something similar, you might be able to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to just the thing you're after. Of course we can search by pattern type but when it's a bit more specific, as in this case, such a feature could be quite useful...]

I'll keep looking.

In other news, Quincy is finished and looks fab; I've been getting compliments even from boys who don't know about handknitting. I took pictures yesterday and will do my best to download and then upload them asap for an FO post this weekend - after I came back from Philly and looked at my Ravelry project page I realized I hadn't had an FO for months! The months of Sept and Oct, to be more precise. Hmm, that's when school started up and things got really crazy. Coincidence?

Oh yes, I wanted to mention this little tidbit I just came across from an info professional's blog that I follow - he is very into social networking, Web 2.0, Library 2.0, that sort of thing. He has been tracking trends in blogging and apparently 2/3 of all bloggers are male. Not on my RSS reader!! I found that kind of amusing.

So it's nearly Halloween. While I was down in Philly BB and I visited a wicked arboretum/garden place on the outskirts of the city, and this phenomenal sculpture would be a great home for a friendly, artsy witch:


February Lady Sweater was keeping me warm:

Happy Halloween!


  1. that totally looks like the structures the beasts build in where the wild things are (movie)!


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