WIP: endpaper mitts

Once again, I'm picking these up just as the weather turns cooler. I don't even want to check on Ravelry to see how long it is taking me to get these finished. They're coming out snug, almost too snug, but it's a good learning experience. It's a fiddly project, though, because I have to pay attention to the chart.


In other knitting news, on Sunday I wore my A Little Something out to brunch. I still don't love the way it fits and wish it was bigger and/or constructed differently, but again, learning experience. I did get a big compliment on it from a non-knitter. I also enjoyed the fact that I put it on with a totally contrasting top and that that top has awesome screen printing on the torso that actually got to show off because of the construction of the sweater. They're a good match.


I've started a little black bolero thing in Elann Luna, but it photographs terribly so I'm not showing it. The pattern is Quimper from Knitting in the Sun.


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