FO: Picovoli

Hooray! I get to wear a new top to work today. I have been telling people to expect it, at the office as well as at my knitting group. Woooo. And it's still in season - a sleeveless top, and summer took a long time to get here.


Would you believe that I used the timer, and that pic came out the most blurry, though the camera was sitting still on my dresser? Hmmm. But the perspective is good.


Two skeins of Butterfly 10 cotton in a pewter gray. Just about zero finishing so I used every last scrap of cotton I could. In fact, had to bind off a couple of times, the first time I ended up with about 12 live stitches and no yarn left to bind off, so I backed all the way up and around to the other side, losing a half row. Meh. It's a great length, hitting about at the hip. In case you're wondering for size, I'm about a 36 bust, but I knit the 32 size initially. As I went I tried it on and though I did the same number of waist decreases as the pattern called for, I think I did one or two less increases for the hip - just kept trying it on and when it seemed to be the right size I stopped increasing.


I spiced up Grumperina's pattern with some simple zigzap lace under the arms. Racing stripes. And I have a lovely gray striped cotton skirt to wear it with, I wish I'd realized before I took all the photos last night. At least that linen skirt I'm wearing has these floral patches that are almost camo-gray-green so it works fairly well with that too.


Happy FO!


  1. I love it! The colour and the fit are fantastic.

  2. hooray for one-piece raglans! beautiful job!

  3. Cute! I bet the timer pic was blurry because (on my camera at least) if you are standing in front of the camera when you push the timer button, the autofocus will focus on you, and then when you step back it doesn't re-focus. I haven't been keeping up with my feeds while I'm travelling, but it's been nice catching up!

  4. Gorgeous! Wear it to KOL sometime, I'd love to see it in person. Also, the weather's still nice enough to let you get away with wearing short sleeves.


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