WIP: Picovoli (now with illustrations)

Hooray, I have been able to download my pictures and now I can show you the pretty gray cotton I picked up:


And evidence that I swatched:


I've started noticing that my tension improves if I go down a couple of needles sizes - in some cases smaller than the yarn calls for as well as smaller than the pattern lists. In this case, I'm using 3 mm needles (size 2.5 or something silly) which are like heavy sock sized needles, yet I'm using them to knit up a cotton tank. Hmm. As long as it looks nice.


It doesn't look like much for now, but my goal is to finish the raglan increases and get down to the armholes in time for knitting group tomorrow evening. Hopefully that way I can be on a nice easy round and round we go part and make the most of the designated knitting time. Love it, such a nice group. Have a great evening!


  1. That's gorgeous. I love grey.

  2. I always have to use much smaller needles than called for also. Except this month the Knitter's Almanac hats all call for really huge yarn and I've bumped myself up to a 4mm or 5mm -- crazy fat! Lovely gray yarn. I'm curious about the greek on the label?


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