WIP: A Little Something

Earlier in June I volunteered to test knit A Little Something (Rav link). Even though I deliberated about the color, it turns out that the lemongrass/chartreuse sort of shade I ended up doing it in matches two skirts I have and a dress. Crazy. I don't have lovely modelled shots yet but I do have better shots of the pattern as I started it as well as a blocking picture.



I found a lovely button at the local farmer's market a couple of Saturdays ago. Overall, I'm quite pleased - especially with how fast this knit up! I have been knitting things at such a small gauge, I forgot how fast it can be to finish something that you do on 7s or 8s.

Ah - that button you see on the blocking cardigan, that is something made by one of the lovely gals in my Tuesday knitting group - a button to advertise to those in the know at my conference that they'd found a kindred spirit - I missed the WWKIP celebrations in Halifax to be in DC!


Happy weekend knitting!