WIP again: pewter Picovoli

After a week of fairly dedicated work on the Drops cardigan in the beautiful Fleece Artist Nyoni, I've picked Picovoli back up. This is possibly prompted by a feeling of intense frustration this week as the weather warmed up and I ran out of sensible summery tops to wear to work.


I tried Picovoli on yesterday, putting the live stitches on a narrow ribbon threaded through my darning needle; this is my new favorite method for holding stitches because the fine ribbon makes picking the stitches back up easier than when I use scrap yarn. And there is a dearth of stitch holders around at the moment.

Right now, this top fits great! Yesterday the neckline and armholes were looking great and just about the right size; I've been working on knitting down to cover the bust. I've added almost two inches. A couple more and I'll try this on again and look at the instructions for the waist decreases. It would be a nice top to have for work. Happy knitting today!


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