swatching / pretty button

It was nice to get the reactions to my new yarn purchases... I am determined to finish one of my half dozen or so WIPs before starting something new but even so -- swatching must be allowed!! Rearranging bookshelves I stumbled across my copy of the latest IK and sat down yesterday to flip through it. I was reminded of the Elemental Boatneck and intrigued by the linen stitch.

I decided to swatch the Araucania wool I picked up last weekend. I really like it. I really like the color of the yarn and how the linen stitch makes the slight variegation muddle together even more. We may have a winner.


The yarn is more green than the photo shows, a hard color to get right onscreen. As a side note, when I started winding this hank last night, the first five meters or so were wound and suddenly there was a break in the yarn. I used that bit for the swatch. I wondered if there would be any other sudden stops in the yarn but luckily the rest wound up into a single cake. I was mildly unimpressed for a minute, as I hadn't cut any of the ties myself and was pretty sure there was no way it was my fault.


I really need to finish up a couple of summery tops though before I get right into another wool sweater, even at a fine gauge.

Also, this is the super pretty button I picked up at the Torpedo Art Center in DC almost two weeks ago, by an artist named Diana Chamberlain. She was lovely to speak to and treated me like a patron of the arts even though all I bought was a single button, and she had so many beautiful things. She made this button by somehow pressing lace into the clay. Love it. No idea what it will be used for but it makes a nice souvenir.