duct tape vase. with yarn.

We now depart from our usual knitting content to bring you a brief description / inspiration for a gift I recently made for a friend who really likes duct tape. This is a friend who probably wouldn't appreciate being given something she didn't need, something frivolous, but this was a simple idea I had for giving her something that reflected her tastes as well as mine, something a little funky, something that shows I appreciate her friendship because I took the time to make something.


If you like the look of this thing, feel free to adapt it to your own aesthetic sense. I used silver duct tape, a random scrap of yarn from my random scraps of yarn bag (this happened to be Soy Wool Stripes, a soy/wool blend of yarn, single ply and slightly thick/thin in a gray turning to mauve), and a beer bottle.

First, I wrapped the bottle (after rinsing it out, of course) in duct tape as neatly as I could manage.


You might be surprised how awkward it is to wrap a wide tape around something cylindrical that narrows at one end. I didn't worry about the sloppiness too much.

Next, I took my length of yarn and wrapped it around the bottle a few times to get a sense of how long it should be.


I wanted more texture so I tied random knots in the yarn.


I wrapped the yarn around the bottle and taped it into place in a few spots, trying for an organic rather than a regular look.



I bought a couple of bright yellow spiky flowers (Anastasias?) and trimmed them to a good length, popped them in the vase and left it on my friend's desk for her to find right before her birthday. I had fun making this, and I think it looks a bit homely but also cute.


Happy crafting this weekend!


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