WIP: Picovoli

It has been a lovely weekend. I did realize something very unhappy, though - I will be missing WWKIP (World wide knit in public) day here in Halifax! I had thought, how lovely, I'll be in one place in June and not moving around and all stable and all that. I even have a nice knitting group to meet with on Tuesdays, and I know they've been active at KIP day before. And then thoughts of the calendar started to run around in my head - and I realized I'll be in DC at a conference the same darned weekend. Checked the official KIP website and there are no listed events in DC that weekend. Grr. I never manage to be in the right place at the right time for KIP day. Several years running.

On the plus side of things, I wandered into the Loop this weekend and though I wasn't looking for anything in particular (except to use a lovely gift cert I've had kicking around and waiting for me to decide!) I impulsively bought some lovely pewter gray butterfly 10 cotton, hopefully enough to make the popular Picovoli tank. It's such a nice dark gray, if it comes out and fits it will go with tons of summer stuff. I think I can pull it off at work, and I need some more modest sort of sleeveless tops.

Unfortunately I seem to have left the little gadget that helps me download photos behind at the last apartment I was living in - and therefore in the tender care of my friend whose place it is. I still have to pick up the remainder of my stuff, so hopefully it is hanging out with those things. So no pictures. Even though I've been actually taking them! The Drops cardigan is progressing wonderfully, and now I have a new WIP. I also have to think about a nice small portable project for that conference trip in June. I'll need to set aside some time to browse the Rav queue before I go - and then visit my yarn stash which is currently hibernating in another friend's huge closet since she was good enough to store some of my things while I moved!

Hope you had a good weekend - with some nice knitting time.


  1. I never seem to get my act together for KIP day, either. Even though there is a very large and active knitter community here, something has come up every year. But! We can always just knit in public by ourselves whereever we are. Good luck in DC -- I've had the best ethiopian food there!


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