WIP: endpaper mitts

These are being worked on every once in awhile, whenever all other projects have come to a halt. lame. But pretty:


Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. Free pattern. Yarn is Knit Picks Palette, 100% wool. Bark and Rainforest heather, I think. I think the needles are size 2, but I'd have to check.

My camera had also died in April, leaving me unable to document pretty handiwork. No such excuse any longer. My new excuse is that my space is a disaster after moving twice in less than a month. I'm not unpacked, but there is stuff everywhere and finding clothes in the morning is possibly the biggest challenge of the day. So I am not complaining, but wishing I was slightly more organized and had more time for knitting.

I'm currently separated from my yarn and pattern stashes. It's not a problem - for now. I have my knitting project bag - that reminds me, I should take a picture of that because it is fantastic - and there is plenty in it to keep me busy. Hooray for a long weekend!


  1. girl, you can seriously choose colors!

  2. Pretty! I've always liked that pattern. I'm also doing stranded colorwork right now (not my favorite, but I'm getting into the groove.) Is that the first mitt, or the second?


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