FO: Ene's Scarf

I got to knit a lot on this lovely project while traveling home to the green mountains. I ran out of yarn, maybe 20 yards short or so, which didn't turn out to be a huge surprise; I'd been knitting so loosely on the plane rides and not thinking about the consequences.


I decided to look for a solid or semi-solid yarn that would compliment some of the deeper colors in the beautiful Fleece Artist variegated yarn I was using, and found some Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk blend to fit the bill. Overall, quite happy with this piece. And though it hasn't been blocked, it is lovely, and maybe I will rig up some blocking apparatus of some sort when I am a bit more settled; currently I am sort of between apartments and yet not quite out on the street. Hooray for friends with a bit of spare room. Enjoy the spring weather!

ps oops! A wee pic of a sleeping kitty snuck in there - it is fun to take pictures of my friend's cat with my swanky new camera as he snoozes away the weekend!!


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