watch this space

I know, you've missed me. I have knitting progress to report, yarn purchases, all sorts of goodies.

Just no photo documentation yet - my battered up canon elph has been replaced (thanks to CK!!) and I have taken pictures (of a finished Ene's scarf! and a second pink and gray sock, well on its way to completing the pair! and a new very fine gauge cardigan I am super excited about, just cast on over the weekend!) but I have not set up all the downloading software and all that business just yet.

So watch this space! I will do my best to get those photos downloaded and some illustrated posts coming your way. happy knitting!


  1. I did miss you! I am looking forward to seeing your Ene's scarf -- I've been wanting to make that one. :)

  2. That CL -- she's great!!

    I have the yarn for the Ene's scarf and the pattern (got the book used for $1.00, shipping was $7.00!)

    Can't wait to see the pics.


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