Ene's scarf / pink sock update

No pictures, I'm afraid - camera is busted. Oh wait! I have a picture of Ene's scarf that I hadn't posted yet. Hurrah. She is even further along now but you can see how lovely she is looking here:


I think she's about 80% done now. I am hoping to finish her and block her this week!

I finished one of the pink socks, finally, and started the second. I've turned the heel on the second one so it's just a matter of working round and round up the calf. Those who've seen the first sock are quite enamored of the pattern going up the back of the calf:


I think it's a nice detail. It was certainly easy to include. Now if only I had remembered to do proper increases to take into account the increasing width of my calf. Oh well, first pair of socks, lessons to be learned.

In other happy crafting news I wore my Intolerable Cruelty (Rav link) to an end of the school year party Thursday night and got a bunch of compliments. A number of people thought to ask if I'd made it (those being the people who see me with needles in hand most often) and a few others just thought it was amazing, never thinking that it might be handmade. I will take both sorts of compliments in a super positive way :) I was so proud when I finished it, and it gets little use because it's so dang fiery and attention-grabbing! I'll be breaking it out again hopefully sooner rather than later because one or two friends who would have loved to see it out and about couldn't make it to the Thursday night thing. Hooray for hand knits that fit and impress non-knitters!

cropped by fountain

Happy Easter, all! I'll be trying to figure out which languishing project to bring on a five day jaunt this week to the green mountains of the north east; possibly those endpaper mitts that have been growing moldy in a project bag for months.


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