WIP: Ene's Scarf

Today's page from the Yarn Harlot's page-a-day calendar says:

"Life's too short to knit bad yarn. Buy the best you can afford."

I so agree.

On the fiber fun field trip in late February (one of my friends picked up a book in the shop and said, did you know there was SEX involved? - She'd discovered the Stash Enhancing eXpedition acronym) I picked up two skeins of gorgeous Fleece Artist Somoko in an unidentified colorway:


30% off! I had picked up just the one skein and then went back to fondle some more and unearthed a second basically matching skein. One skein of something like this is tricky - too pretty for me to do socks, as I've just started knitting them and am still a bit unconvinced about using expensive and gorgeous yarns for things I put on my feet - but two, now two you can do something with.

Trawling through patterns and my Rav queue and thinking about making something I could really get some use out of - I remembered Ene's Scarf. Here's a pretty red one. Here's a pretty green one. The construction is unusual because you cast on for the two decorative border edges and decrease at the middle all the way up, casting on your largest number of sts (375) and decreasing from there so your rows are always getting shorter. Not having quite enough yarn is a bit of a risk you have to take. I hope I will be ok in this case - we'll see if this comes back to bite me!

This is most of the border chart, though it doesn't look like much at the moment:

Now that I can look at my knitting and see the yarn overs and k2togs, it's getting a lot easier to be confident that I'm following a chart correctly. Hooray!


I've been doing a few rows a day, which has been a lovely treat as the yarn has a bit of silk in it and a bit of kid mohair so it is soft as well as a tiny bit shiny, and has more drape than just wool would. It's a lovely blend. Unfortunately I managed to leave the pattern behind at a friend's house Sunday night - she has just emailed me that she has found it so I should be able to get it back today - which is great because it's knit night and I'd like to bring it - I was casting on last week, so now it is possible to see how the colors are coming together. I am really pleased with the colors so far - I was nervous it would be too busy but the colors are so rich, they look lovely.


  1. Lovely! And such an interesting pattern. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Pretty! I have that calendar, too, and C reminds me almost every day to rip off the old day, and usually wants me to read it to him :)


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