more fiber goodness

At last, a moment to share some of the other yummy pictures I snapped at Gaspereau Valley Fibres in late February. Just the colorful thing to snazz up your Sunday evening - especially if you can't quite tell that spring is on its way!

A shelf-full of goodness, including a bunch of O-Wool from Vermont, and fabulous Green Mtn Spinnery yarns:


In the cupboard on the left are some yarns apparently spun and dyed from the very sheep who were relaxing in the sun in the barnyard:


I love the bathtub full of color:


And this was a few shelves of random Fleece Artist, all on for $20. Canadian. Perhaps due to a dyeing mishap or some other confusion? Most of it was the mixed lots of mohair boucle and some merino blend in coordinating colorways for using in mixed-yarn projects or holding both strands together - not my favorite effect.


I snapped up two skeins of Nyoni - a whopping 1600 yards or so, in gorgeous green and coppery forest tones. I just couldn't resist the price, and I love fine gauge projects that show off lovely yarns so we will see what this grows up to be. There were actually four skeins in very nearly the same colorway, and one of my friends picked up two as well - for manly socks. We were at the register at the same time when he realized that two of the four skeins had a bit more of a yellow-bronze tone running through them - and of course we were each holding one and then the other had less of that color. I hadn't noticed that there was much variation. Putting all four skeins on the counter he rearranged them, pairing them more effectively by color, and then looked at me like, now what do we do? We each though that the other one would want the pair we wanted - so it worked out perfectly! I wanted the one with the slightly higher contrast.


I just love how this place is set up! The natural wood sets off all the color so well. Last one:



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