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I just heard about this effort to raise much-needed money for the Australian Red Cross - you've been hearing in the news about the terrible bush fires in Victoria - many people are affected, many people have lost their homes, and many people have been seriously injured or lost their lives. Schools are closed, firefighters have been called in from as far away as New Zealand, and next week is looking windy and hot, which is bad news.

Serendipity, a knitting blogger, is keeping a tally of donations by knitters to the Australian Red Cross. She has organized an amazing raffle for anyone donating 10 Australian dollars - (which is just over $6 US) - and if the cause weren't enough, the prizes are unbelievable. There is Wollmeise, Posh yarn, kits, gift certificates, an amazing array of donated goodies from the crafting community. It's a small donation, and we can all help make a difference. So check it out, and just give a little if you can - and check out your stash for your next knitting project rather than buying more yarn.*

Serendipity's blog

*I'll confess - I fell down pretty hard yesterday on the yarn and fiber field trip I mentioned previously on my blog - I ran into a huge Fleece Artist sale and was powerless to resist - but it was worth it. And possibly had something to do with why I was so fast to again get out my credit card when I read Knit Nutt's blog post - how can I justify spending money on more yarn if I can't give a little to a worthy cause? Just saying.


  1. I wanna see what you bought!! Wish I had known about the raffle sooner -- I already made my donation directly to the red cross.


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